Sunday, 15 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - Only 13 Days to Go

Only 13 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

Richard Harris Miniature Painting

Richard says" I started playing with and painting Games Workshop miniatures in 1997. My first commission came a year or two later when I painted a school friend's Dwarf army for £5 per regiment. I later got a Saturday job at Cyberdyne in Stroud demonstrating games and I became a store painter. This drove me to improve my painting. I slowly found that I was gaming less and buying miniatures just to paint. I have made the final cut at Golden Demon five times. Most recently I have picked up some commercial work and I have begun sculpting my own miniatures."

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