Saturday, 21 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - 1 Week to Go

Only 7 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

Hairy Ray Enterprises

I will be bringing along a whole bunch of stuff that may be of interest - old CCG's (Star Wars, Star Trek, Rage!, Battletech and many others), books, comics, kits and bitz.

As someone who has been collecting gaming stuff and associated materials for nearly 40 years, I can guarantee you that there will be stuff on my table older than many of you!

But STILL cool.

Hope to see you there and if you want to pm me with any enquiries about things you want, that's fine as I can then make sure it's there on the day.

Hairy Ray Enterprises - ah, go on. You want to. You know you do.

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