Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Introducing Our New YouTube Show Panels, Pixels & Pieces Episode 1: The Phantom Meeple

Check out our new YouTube show Panels, Pixels and Pieces. Adam and Ricky are introduced to board gaming, as Sam, Titch... and Alex show them how to play Carcassonne.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Website Housekeeping

We're just doing a little spring cleaning on our website, so don't panic if you can't find all of the tabs that you're used to seeing over the next few days.

Tune in on Saturday 1st October and we should be back to normal and may also have some news for you too...

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Important Announcement

It has come to our attention that the organiser of another convention has been contacting venues and vendors representing himself as the organiser Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention.

We would respectfully request that the individual ceases this behaviour immediately.

We would be grateful if any vendors who have been contacted by this individual disregard any claims or statements made by the individual and only accept as genuine communication coming from the SCGC email address ( of from the company directors Simon Kendrick, Ricky Webber and Adam Wilmot.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Thank You!

If you ventured up Swansea High Street on Saturday these are the scenes that would have likely welcomed you as SCGC got under way.

The event was so popular that we  hit capacity for the venue by 10:30am and had to operate a one-in-one-out system for the rest of the day.

So I think it's fair to say that the day was a success, and for this all we can say is "Thank You".  Quite a few thank you's in fact...

We have had a lot of support over the last couple of months and without naming names (as we'd probably forget some and that wouldn't be fair), all we can say is thank you to everybody who has supported us at any point during the planning or running of the convention.

We also need to say a massive thank you to our team of volunteers who gave up their Saturday to ensure that the day ran smoothly, many of who even worked through their breaks to ensure everything ran to plan.

While we're thanking people, our vendors deserve a mention for taking the risk on a brand new convention, and for kindly donating prizes to the raffle, as do our panellists for giving up their time to provide entertainment throughout the day.   A special mention needs to be given to the Carmarthenshire Ghostbusters for stepping in at the last second to fill an empty panel slot.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who attended throughout the day, and to all the cosplayers who put in so much effort to create their costumes and made the day look so cool.

We are pleased to announce that we raised a grand total of £3127.70 for our charity Maggie's!  The money was raised through a combination of ticket sales, the raffle, and the bring and buy sale.

So for a final time THANK YOU,  and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Friday, 27 May 2016

OMG! Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention is tomorrow!

Yikes! That came around fast.

We are super excited to see you all at the Con tomorrow... It's going to be a blast!

Don't forget that Walkabout are hosting the Con's aftershow party, with free entry, and discounts on food and drinks for anyone wearing an SCGC Ticket-Wristband. 

They've also arranged a band!

Bandicoot will be taking to the Walkabout stage at around 8pm in an exclusive gig for you lucky Con-goers!  Go check them out and make a full day of it!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - Only 2 Days to Go

Only 2 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

Trinity Game Students

We are the 3rd year BA Creative Computer Games Design Students from University of Wales Trinity Saint David, showcasing three games that formed part of our final major projects.

  • Jurassic Kart is a Dinosaur Racing game. Join Rex, Carlton and Big Al as they run through colourful and fun environments. Fun for the whole Family!
  •  Blackout is a rogue-like dungeon crawler first person shooter set in a Sci Fi world. The game is designed to be fast paced and will also utilise the Oculus Rift.
  • Four Norseman is a turn based, strategy Viking game. Venture through a long lost crypt of ancient warriors of old, pleasing the gods as you must.

Last Chance to get SCGC tickets online!

We'll be closing online ticket sales for SCGC at 12:00 (midday) on Friday 27th - that's tomorrow lunchtime to you and me!

This is to give us time to process all of your orders and make sure we've got everyone's tickets ready for the day.

You will still be able to buy tickets on the door on the day (and they'll still be £2.50).

People who have bought tickets online will get a separate (faster) queue for entry to the event.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - Only 3 Days to Go

Only 5 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

Catfood Comics

Catfood Comics ‘Monster Kids’ was published in volume 20 of the digital online magazine, Aces Weekly, in late 2015. The strip, co-created with writer Adam Wilmot, tells the tale of a motley bunch of cute, but beastly, creatures trying to find the perfect thing to take to their school's show and tell.

Other comics work includes story and art for a strip in Watercloset press’s anthology ‘The Irregulars’, starring the Gentry, the steampunk victorian adventurers.

Last minute changes to the line-up!

We're sad to announce that Science Fiction Collectables won't be attending the con now, due to serious health issues.  We wish Nigel a speedy recovery and have our fingers crossed that he'll be able to make it next year.

We are, however, happier to announce that we've had three last-minute bookings;

Anthony D Lee who is a comic book colourist.  He's worked numerous titles for Image, Devils Due and Judge Dredd amongst others and is currently working for Sam De La Rosa (of Marvel fame) and Doug Hazelwood (of D.C.) reworking their iconic original artwork from various titles into high quality prints;

Cardiff and Newport Face Painting who have been brushing up on their super-hero designs ahead of the con!  They are happy to paint both kids and adults alike;


Swansea Wargames Club  who will be on hand to offer some demonstration games throughout the day.

This does mean that the map which appears in the printed programme is going to be a little wrong now, but fear not the Convention Map page is fully up to date!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - 4 Days to Go

Oh yeah, there's going to be music at the con too!

Check out donotrunwithpixels

donotrunwithpixels is Simeon Smith, a South Wales based music producer, playing music using obsolete games consoles.

Half anarchy / half drum'n'bass with a large side of salty, salty fries his live shows are chaotic and his releases are furious.

2016 has seen the release of "Techniques Against Technology", inspired by the Invisible Committee's insurrectionist  manifesto, it is his most angry work to date.

In praise of Techniques Against Technology: 

"Turbo dope." - Alone 

"Love it! The title track is the icing on the cake." - Oceano 

“It’s not okay to post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted, or repetitive content to YouTube.” - The YouTube Team

donotrunwithpixels will be bringing his live set to Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention.

Bring your dancing shoes and an open mind.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - 5 Days to Go

Only 5 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

I am based in Swansea, South Wales. I take commissions from the UK and overseas, and currently specialise in celebrity portraits. I also take commissions from a diverse range such as family, children, pets, and illustration work.
I hold a BA Honours Degree in fine art painting, and during my degree I specialised in creating large figure paintings in oils. I’ve had two recent exhibitions: the first was in London for Prince's 30th anniversary of Purple Rain, and the second took place in Stoke on Trent for Robbie Williams children’s charity Donna Louise Children's Hospice.
What I love about drawing portraits is the uniqueness in every individuals face, and being able to study every fine detail that makes up not just the features of the subject but also the personality. I am fascinated with tone and fine detail. I also have an eye for creating a composition from several different photographs. This makes the piece unique to each individual.
Carolyn Ross

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - 6 Days to Go

Only 6 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

Peter James Maggs

Peter James Maggs likes to see himself as a documentarian of the bizarre...

But having never seen anything worth documenting he settles for making things up.

Bring and Buy Stall

It may have slipped past in the general rush towards SCGC, but we'll also be running a Bring and Buy stall at the ticket desk.

This is a chance for you to bring along your unwanted gaming goodies and have us sell them for you, with 10% of the sale price being donated to Maggie's.

Here are the rules for the Bring and Buy stall

  1. Sellers may bring a maximum of 5 items to the stall

  2. Items can be brought to the control desk from 10:15

  3. Items must be working in the case of electronics, original discs in the case of DVDs and media, and complete in the case of board games and miniatures.

  4. Sellers should provide a list of their items, complete with asking price and their contact telephone number

  5. Each item will have a ticket fixed to it with sellotape by staff on the stall

  6. The Stall will close at 17:30 and Sellers can collect their money and/or unsold items after this time.

  7. Items which are not collected at the end of the event will be donated to charity.

Don't forget folks that if you buy tickets for SCGC online now, you'll have to collect them at the door on the day, as we're now past the postage deadline.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - 1 Week to Go

Only 7 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

Hairy Ray Enterprises

I will be bringing along a whole bunch of stuff that may be of interest - old CCG's (Star Wars, Star Trek, Rage!, Battletech and many others), books, comics, kits and bitz.

As someone who has been collecting gaming stuff and associated materials for nearly 40 years, I can guarantee you that there will be stuff on my table older than many of you!

But STILL cool.

Hope to see you there and if you want to pm me with any enquiries about things you want, that's fine as I can then make sure it's there on the day.

Hairy Ray Enterprises - ah, go on. You want to. You know you do.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - Only 8 Days to Go

Only 8 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

The Retro Stash

The Retro Stash is a small independent business located in Sandfields Estate, Port Talbot whose aim is to bring the unusual and difficult to obtain to your local area.
Open 6 days a week Monday to Saturday 9:00am - 5:30pm, we also travel and sell at other comic cons so you can expect to find rare and unique items at our stall.

A small list of some items we stock are retro games console and games, trading cards Pokemon / Yugioh, vintage to modern figures (Star Wars, He-Man, Thundercats, Marvel, DC, Power Rangers, WWE , movie and game related figures, Ghostbusters, Doctor Who, Transformers , Spawn , Aliens, Halo, Lord of the Rings etc.) Lego and graphic novels.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - Only 9 Days to Go

Only 9 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

Mad Jock Games

Mad Jock Games was founded in 2011 with the help of the GamesLab knowledge transfer centre collaborating with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. 

The studio is run by an angry Scotsman, a jaded Welshman and a drunk Englishman in a blatant attempt to get a grant; the members of the team have however previously been involved with Bafta Cymru nominated and winning projects.

You’re Doomed represents the studio's first self-published and internal project.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - Only 10 Days to Go

Only 10 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

Deadstar Publishing

Six years ago Deadstar Publishing was launched with the intention of showcasing new talent by publishing books, comics and graphic novels with a focus on horror, science fiction and fantasy. We wanted to help creators get noticed and started with Rising Stars volume 1 – alumni from which have gone on to make comics their full time career. Our current flagship titles are Dexter’s Half Dozen (nominated in 2014 for a Stan Lee True Believers Award) and our family friendly Dolphin Squad graphic novel. For more information check out our website at or find us on Facebook at

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - Only 11 Days to Go

Only 11 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

Fancy That! Bakery

Fancy That! Bakery like to do things a bit differently. They specialise in sweet and savoury baked treats which are not only delicious but are 100% vegan. They will be bringing a variety of tempting themed cupcakes and cookies, as well as some of their most popular items such as brownies and pasties.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - Only 12 Days to Go

Only 12 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

Spill the Ziines!

Spill the Zines is a UK fanzine review blog based in Swansea. Creator Cath Elms and contributor Kirsty Rowles will be selling their zines at SCGC, which include:

Sonorus: Feminist Perspectives on Harry Potterfeaturing a range of diverse writings on HP and feminism
Here. In My Head. (Cath Elms) – long-running feminist perzine about being a socially anxious musician
Forever Incomplete (Kirsty Rowles) – a perzine about gender, sexuality, mental health, and fandom
Untitled Orphan Black fanzine

And then there were two...

SCGC regret to announce that, due to personal circumstances and other commitments, Dark Blade Creations have had to withdraw from the organisation of the event. 

Don't worry though, their withdrawal won't affect the running of the Convention, it's still going ahead as planned on Saturday 28th May.

We're very sad to see the guys at DBC go, as their input was invaluable in getting SCGC up and running this year, and we wish them all the best at the UK Games Expo and beyond.

Fingers crossed that the stars will align correctly next year and they'll be able to jump back on board.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - Only 13 Days to Go

Only 13 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

Richard Harris Miniature Painting

Richard says" I started playing with and painting Games Workshop miniatures in 1997. My first commission came a year or two later when I painted a school friend's Dwarf army for £5 per regiment. I later got a Saturday job at Cyberdyne in Stroud demonstrating games and I became a store painter. This drove me to improve my painting. I slowly found that I was gaming less and buying miniatures just to paint. I have made the final cut at Golden Demon five times. Most recently I have picked up some commercial work and I have begun sculpting my own miniatures."

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - Two Weeks to Go

Only 14 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

Megaera's Realm

Megaera's Realm was started as a way to market my fantasy and horror books, by using the cover images in pendants and bracelets. It expanded to pay homage to a range of films and books, including Alice in Wonderland, Watership Down, Labyrinth and Dawn of the Dead, as well as a range of steampunk, fantasy, mythology and macabre pieces. Everything is handmade and a few pieces are one of a kind.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - 15 Days to Go

Only 15 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

Beth Rose Jewellery

We make earrings and necklaces with a geeky twist! We have Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Death Note, Doctor Who and many more! We also have some other designs for the baker, writer, and coffee addict in all of us. Some items are also customizable and charm bracelets with your choice of charms! We range in price from £2.99 to £8.99. Find us on Facebook!

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - 16 Days to Go

Only 16 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

BSD Hobbies are a small Swansea based company making a range of laser cut hobby and gaming components in acrylic and MDF. Including templates, tokens and gaming aids for both wargames and board games. The majority of the stock is made to order, with an extensive list of 20 different acrylic colours to choose from, as well as optional personalisation on larger items. In addition to standard templates, custom items can be produced for specific games or applications. Other products include custom built scale models such as the National Waterfront Museum and Swansea pump house in O-gauge.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - 17 Days to Go

Only 17 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

Jazmine Phillips Illustrations was started way back in 2009, from sketching 
to watercolour painting and the latest addiction to clay modelling. Coming
up with original artwork as well as doing fan art, I just love to create things
for others to enjoy! Most of my work is available on Redbubble, TeePublic and 
Facebookto view and purchase.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Countdown to SCGC - 18 Days to Go

Only 18 Days to go until SCGC!

To get you in the mood, one of our vendors will be telling you about themselves.

Today it's the turn of;

3D Fantasy Art

"3D Fantasy Art showcases the artwork of Deedee Davies. She creates fantasy, horror and gothic art using 3D modelling and rendering programmes.  3D Fantasy Art has been in business for around 10 years and offers a range of services, from book covers and CD artwork to custom character portraits.  A range of framed and unframed prints and postcards will be on sale at Swansea Comic and Gaming Convention on May 28th.

You can find out more about 3D Fantasy Art at"

Volcano Theatre Discovered (+25XP)

Check it out folks, we've updated our Convention Map to show you where all of the Exhibitors are going to be.

The placements might change between now and the 28th, but we'll update the map if they do.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Aftershow Party!

The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that Walkabout have become an event sponsor of SCGC...

Not only have they sponsored the event, they're also throwing a big damn party for us after the con! WOO HOO!

Wearing your SCGC entry wristband will get you;

  • Free entry at our venue all night,
  • 25% OFF food
  • 25% OFF drinks

In addition to that (and by no small coincidence just after the con closes, between 7-10pm they have 50% off ALL drinks.

Drinking not so much your thing? Would you rather groove? Well, they'll be putting on a rock/indie band (act TBC) from approx 6:15pm-8pm, just for you guys!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

We've now migrated our site over to this shiny Blogger site (thanks to the folks form SCGC for setting us up).

Our old site will now automatically redirect here.

While we were doing the migration, we've also updated our list of exhibitors, program and convention map (further updates to follow as we work out who goes where!)

If you're still toying with the idea of having a stall at the con, book soon as we have already sold over 3/4 of our tables.

The Booking deadline for Traders and Sponsors is Friday 13th May, so make sure you've sent your form and paid by then.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Our Exhibitor Page has been updated with details of confirmed vendors so far!

If you've sent us a booking form, but haven't sent us your payment yet, then as soon as we receive it, we'll get your details added to the page :)

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Exhibitor Announcement

We are pleased to announce that author A J King will be joining us for her first convention, where she will be promoting her book The Power Vested in Me Book 1 The Gatherers.


Join the 'Stardust' to test your intuition, solve riddles and full fill the quests

A mysterious white haired man materialises one night in the nursery of a maternity ward. He projects lights from his hands on to some of the sleeping babies and then vanishes in to thin air, completely unnoticed.
Thirteen years later the five babies, who are now teenagers, win a competition, which none of them can remember entering. When arriving to collect their prize they are greeted by the mysterious white haired man. He appears to know all about them and the 'secret powers' he says he bestowed on them.
He asks for their help, his request is that they go on a series of quests for him, quests that involve time travel, danger and a little bit of magic.

* Who is this man?
* Why has he chosen these children?
* What does he want with the items they gather on the quests?

ALL WILL BE REVEALED IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME! (Unless you work it out first)
Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Exhibitor Announcement

We are pleased to announce our first exhibitor, Peter Maggs!
Peter James Maggs is a comic book artist and illustrator currently locked in a battle to the death with his own creativity. Who will win? Nobody knows.
You can check out more from Peter at his websites;